Okay DC Nation Fans. Tomorrow is important.

GreenLantern-TAS is putting our regular queue on hold tomorrow to keep only campaign-centric posts on the front page.

For those who missed the initial hype, a new variation of crowd-funding campaigns opened their site for the first time a couple of weeks ago. SMGO.tv (my Show Must Go On) aims to find a method to renew cancelled shows. The Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice fans jumped on the possibility of this option, and crashed their site… Twice. We have numbers. We have enthusiasm. We want the opportunity. GLTAS and YJ are currently not listed on SMGO.tv because the site runners believe we have evidenced the numbers needed to go from voting to funding. The next step in SMGO.tv’s process is to meet with and try to work out a contract to permit the crowd-funding effort, of expectations of exactly what would be getting funded and how much funding would be necessary. The last we heard before SMGO.tv was officially requested to go to media-silence on the details was that they had a meeting with Warner Brothers officials scheduled on April 11th (this Thursday). We do not know if that meeting is still on, if it’s been rescheduled, what time of day the meeting is, or with what level of decision-makers SMGO.tv will actually be meeting with. SMGO.tv is an exciting possibility, but it is not a sure thing, even if WB agrees to let them move forward, we will still have to meet the funding goals.

Given that the meeting may well be first thing Thursday morning, what we as fans can do in support is make sure that Warner Brothers and it’s affiliates know there is a vocal fanbase with money that they are not tapping to it’s fullest. The messaging campaign needs to go extra strength tomorrow. Make SMGO.tv, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and Young Justice an urgent issue for WB. Your primary focus tomorrow should be WB, but DC Comics and Cartoon Network also hold an important stake in the matter, as do retailers.

Fanterns and YJers, Assemble!

"Whether this lantern burns or not, Hal Jordan, hope will always remain."

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