GLTAS ~ Let’s hear it from the ladies ~ strong, powerful, independent characters some of who were great inspirations for our daily lives. Even the lady villains were never to be underestimated and were portrayed with equal commanding presence on screen as their male counterparts.

GLTAS does boast a great variety of ladies in the cast. 

SPOILERS BELOW (for the pictured ladies)

  • Sayd - Oan Guardian and council member, Aided creating the source Blue Lantern Battery
  • Iolande - Queen of Betrassus, Green Lantern
  • Ilana - Razer’s signifigant other, voice of reason
  • Aya - just THE SHOW, watch it
  • Carol Ferris - CEO/head of Ferris Air, Star Sapphire, chosen representative of love
  • Scar - Oan Guardian and Science Director
  • Ghia’Ta - Star Sapphire, right hand to Aga’Po, grassroots revolutionary
  • Aga’Po - Queen of Zamaron, founder of the Star Sapphires
  • Galia - warrior of the Zor, cook, Star Sapphire
  • Lady Catherine - inventor of the steampunk Green Lantern suit (among other things), Engineer, Political Revolutionary
  • Drusa - Engineering genius, space pirate
  • Biara Rev - Senior Geologist, inventor of geothermal tech making colonization possible, widow of Shyir Rev, mother of Amala Rev
  • Bleez - second in command of the Red Lanterns, right hand to Prime Magistrate Zilius Zox


lantern corps; star sapphires

for hearts long lost and full of fright 

for those alone in blackest night

accept our ring and join our fight

love conquers all - with violet light!

No man escapes the Manhunters.

                                                       But I am no man.

More named, memorable ladies with varied faces and builds who have have been given story and motivation than can fit in the photoset slots, even. Which is more than some “mature” media stories (aimed at adults) and not limited by the number of CGI models they get to construct can claim. :)


Ladies from Green Lantern: The Animated Series
     (not in set: Ilana, Sayd, Biara Rev, Amala)

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Kilowog hugging people appreciation post

"Is it acceptable to love again, when your first and true love has died"


- Mulan

(screencaps by bentfire)

Green Lantern: The Animated Series - hugs

Some thoughts about GLTAS and its ladies



Warning: long, LONG ramblings and images under the cut.

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I’m happy about the things we did right.

And sorry for the things we did wrong.

Learning. Hope to do better on the next show.

#GLTAS, #GLTAS ladies, #mea culpa

"Mea Culpa" — an acknowledgment of one’s fault or error.

I can’t express enough what wonderful creators the Fanterns are lucky enough to have. They have from early on encouraged and engaged the fans, been vocally appreciative of positive responses, and acknowledged criticism fairly and with grace.

Worth noting, writer Ernie Altbacker also responded, saying this was “Good stuff!”

Love you guys.