Green Lantern ladies of all different colors.Probably already been done before, but meh, whatever!

No man escapes the Manhunters.

                                                       But I am no man.

More named, memorable ladies with varied faces and builds who have have been given story and motivation than can fit in the photoset slots, even. Which is more than some “mature” media stories (aimed at adults) and not limited by the number of CGI models they get to construct can claim. :)

kind of a stupid question, but does anyone actually know if razer has eyebrows or not? His wife had them, and the top of his face is always covered, so are they just hidden or something? Or is he just eyebrowless?

Not a stupid question at all!

I’m inclined to say he does not have eyebrows. But that’s my interpretation. We can see a pretty large chunk of Razer’s face in the TV show and the facial markings (whether natural, make-up, or tattoos as suggested by the comic) around his eyes seem to stop just short of where eyebrows would be on a human, there are no visible eyebrows above that but below the edge of his head gear. It is of course possible his eyebrows are higher set than expected and hidden by his headgear, hidden by his facial markings, or intentionally shaved as a part of his culture.



Ilana is visibly very different from Razer in ways that seem to suggest multiple humanoid races being present on Volkreg, and given his mentions of clans, there may be distinctive genetic markers from clan to clan like the skin color and eyebrows.



It is of course, something open to personal interpretation or fan discussion, as Razer’s (and Ilana’s) civilian clothes combined with his Red Lantern uniform seems to indicate that his head is covered at all times as a matter of cultural tradition. So the official answer is we just don’t know, unless someone from the crew wants to give us Word of God on it?


why do people keep calling Razor “kid” and “young one” if he’s old enough to have had a wife? I thought he was like, seventeen or whatever- everyone keeps calling him ‘young’ and ‘kid’ and shit, but not only was he old enough to have a wife, he referred to his having a wife as “many years ago”. 

The dudes in his late twenties at least, given that- so what’s with all the ‘kid’ comments? It’s not even about his personality or something, considering that people call him that who’ve never interacted with him. 

Given the warlords and young man going off to war situation of his home world (Volkreg), it is likely he married very young (as many of our own soldiers do). There may have also been some Volkregian cultural traditions involved there. To be technical, it is left vague as to if Ilana was Razer’s wife or his fiance, although wife is the generally accepted conclusion.

Kilowog has been married with kids previously and acting as THE Oan Drill Sargent for a few years, putting him probably somewhere equivalent to his 40s by our age standards. I think it’s pretty safe to assume Hal falls into late-20s or early-30s at the youngest. Razer has been stated to be something around equivalent to Earth age 19.

As a early-30s myself, I assure you I refer to many friends and acquaintances under the age of 26 as “Kid”, and have been in the habit of doing so with people only a few years my junior since 25 or so.

As an aside, our #Fun Facts tag is a wealth of interesting tidbits!

"Is it acceptable to love again, when your first and true love has died"


"Paint the wall, not my face!"

Still not over Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Still not over Volkregians. Still not over all the feels-inducing stories that have and could have taken place.
I think a new tsunami of GLTAS art may be heading y’all’s way…


"Paint the wall, not my face!"

Still not over Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Still not over Volkregians. Still not over all the feels-inducing stories that have and could have taken place.

I think a new tsunami of GLTAS art may be heading y’all’s way…





Was I the only one who saw this?

Ha ha, I was just about to post something about this myself. Atrocitus / Dark Spirit guy loves to claim responsibility for havoc and turmoil!

When voice actors appear in other shows…

Mathematical Chances that Aya Is Alive




I’m not necessarily saying this is canon, but I couldn’t help but present the following argument:  There were a lot of deaths in GLTAS, many of which were not permanent.  Below I’ve listed permanent vs. temporary deaths that occurred through out the season. For the record, I didn’t count any “mass killing”, such as the countless Spider Guild soldiers murdered in episode 18, etc.

01 - M’ten (permanent)

02- Shyir Rev (permanent)

03 - Ilana (permanent)

04 - None

05 - Green Lantern Dulok (permanent), Kilowog (fake death by poison)

06 - Gruun (permanent)

07 - None

08 - None

09 - None

10 - None

11 - Green Lantern Tavarus (permanent)

12 - None (although some could argue Atrocitus killed Byth Rok after he got the code from him)

13 - None (although some might argue Razer killed Drusa.  Think about it - why was Atrocitus the only villain shown being arrested?)

14 - Professor Noam Chilton (permanent)

15 - LANOS (although another version of his program returned in episode 23), Hal Jordan (fake death ,revealed to have been blasted into the antimatter universe.)

16 - Nobody dies on Hal Jordan’s watch

17 - None, unless you count Manhunters (I’m not)

18 - Spider Guild Captain (permanent) Neuroxis (permanent), Razer (fake death by suffocation)

19 - Aya (fake death which as the Book of Oa states “crushed the fan base for seven days”)

20 - Guardian Science Director, aka Scar (fake death, she teleported to safety and returned in episode 24), The Anti-Monitor (also fake death, “the helm was merely separated from a suit of armor”, returned in episode 25)

21 - Non-descript Goblin dude (permanently eaten by “Mother”)

22 - Ghia’ta (permanent)

23 - Glomulus (fake death by “popping”, it’s assumed Larfleeze can always make a new one)

24 - None

25 - Anti-Monitor dies again by having his face torn in half (permanent)

26 - Aya dies…. Permanently?

Which makes for a total of 23 “deaths” in 26 episodes (why does that make me proud? TEAR.)  Of those 23 deaths, two were “vague” (Byth Rok and Drusa) and EIGHT were “fake” or “temporary” deaths.

Basic math tells us there is a 34.782608695652 % chance that Aya would have returned, or a 38.095238095238% chance if you don’t count Byth Rok or Drusa as “dead”.  Not the best odds, but a little bit better than a 1 in 3 chance.

Razer clearly ignored the odds and went with his heart, which was so full of hope it was enough to tip the scales in his favor and earn him a Blue Lantern Ring.

What do YOU think?

  •  altbacker answered: Maybe Byth is held after giving code by Atrocitus for more torture and execution for being a smarty and he escaped during battle.


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