Aya gets stuff done.

"I will conduct my own search."

I meant no harm


galia and kilowog

“what a good couple,” i whisper 


galia and kilowog


“what a good couple,” i whisper 


So I asked tofukitten what gif she want. I thought she wanted a cute Razer/Aya moment, but she asked this scene instead and I was like… “whut?” 8D


“I will conduct my own search”

~Let’s talk about Aya in Episode 9

I love everything about Aya’s portrayal here – facial expressions, initiative, spectacular fighting skill – but overall what I admire most is her refusal to be put down or ignored. She’s certainly grown and changed in personality through the earlier episodes, but in this one I began to notice Aya thinking for herself and acting on her own judgment.

One of my favorite moments is Aya’s reaction to Queen Aga’pho’s refusal to let her join the search for Kilowog. The queen knows that she is a risk because she supposes Aya to be unmoved by emotion, and therefore likely to rescue the dude-lanterns from the Star Sapphires’ trap. So she tries to sideline Aya – but Aya refuses to passively wait, even though Razer explicitly tells her to stay behind.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the first time we see Aya disobey a direct command without anyone else’s prompting. 

She knows she is right, and she knows that she is up to the task. So literally three seconds after Razer leaves with the Star Sapphires she’s flying off, kicking ass and taking names as she goes. And speaking of kicking ass, this is the first time she actively fights – and her prowess is unmistakable since she’s able to defend herself and disarm Galia without harming her opponent. The minute she is outnumbered, she assesses the situation and flies off to get backup.


Right, back to the point. Aya might not have a ton of screentime in this episode, but every move she makes when she is on screen illustrates her autonomy, her growing involvement with the beings around her, and her comfort with her own body.

At the beginning of the episode she’s still treated as an accessory to the ship: remaining on board during the monster attack, plotting the course to Zamaron, making repairs, etc.  But by the end she’s proved herself vital to Kilowag’s rescue, (not to mention assisting Hal and Razer) thereby solidifying her place as a valued teammate.

Now I’m not suggesting that Aya wasn’t proactive before this episode. Indeed, to say so would be a gross misrepresentation of her character. But for me, seeing her taking action by herself and fighting in her own body is wonderful.

When she was bound by her form (Ep. 3: had to free Razer to do the fighting) or unable to communicate with the others (Ep. 4: when her components are moving separately to repair the engine), she was limited in her choice of actions. Now Aya has loosened the restrictions on her mobility and independence. If I had to guess as to where this was going in the narrative, I’d say that she’s heading towards self-determination sometime in the future. In my headcanon I’m hoping that Aya realizes her potential as a being of will-power, one that people like Drusa are unable to manipulate…

We’ll just have to wait until next season!

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In love and war

I may be replaceable, but you’re not.

I may be replaceable, but you’re not.