Part two of the Green Lantern the Animated Series set played at Playfest in Ubeda, Spain.  This one has some of my personal faves, including Razer’s theme and the Manhunter flashback music from episode 10 (titled “An Inconvenient Truth” on the GLTAS soundtrack).

I hope you guys get chills like I did!

Don’t worry guys, only 11 more days til the OST, or 19 for me, because I’m importing.


I just returned from Playfest in Ubeda, Spain.  The entire event was organized by a group of passionate fans who love soundtracks to animation and video games.  At the final night of the festival, we were all invited to a concert where we heard the theme to Batman the Animated Series, Justice League, Ben 10, Silent Hill, and Journey (the PS3 video game, not the rock band) just to name a few.  It was the highlight of my trip!

Here’s a clip of one of the three Green Lantern The Animated Series sets!  It was awesome!

Can you say “Linterna Verde”?


Green Lantern the Animated Series is going to Spain!  

Playfest is a music festival for animation and video games that is held annually in the beautiful city of Ubeda, Spain.  I’m very excited to announce that our composer Freddie Wiedmann and I will be there on July 28, where a 15 minute set from Green Lantern the Animated Series will be performed by a 120 piece orchestra!!

There will also be a panel on July 27 where Freddie and I will discuss the process of scoring the show!

If that’s not enough, attendees can also buy copies of the soundtrack, so if you can’t wait ‘till it’s official release on August 21st, you can hop on a flight to Spain and beat the system!

If you’re in town sometime between July 23-29, then stop by and say hello! 

If you’re in the area, try to drop by Playfest! Hear the amazing music and say hi to Mr. Volpe and Mr. Wiedmann!