MR - What would happened during the second season had you had a chance to just do one. It doesn’t HAVE to be what you were going to do, you can make up some something on the fly if that’s safer.

JK - We talked about this more than you can imagine, like it is a very funny job where you get paid to have the conversations you had as a twelve-year-old boy, anyway, you know! Certainly we were in a go to the parallel universe. I don’t think it’s spoiling too much to say we are definitely in the see of Alan, the original Green Lantern. Because we set him up in the “Steam Lantern”….

GV - That was probably one of the biggest unresolved things of the first twenty six - that we hinted towards this character that did absolutely nothing for that particular story because we wanted you to anticipate him coming later and then we didn’t get to do it.

JK - GC had a good take on Kyle Rayner as being a fan boy of Green Lantern that in turn becomes a Green Lantern! That was a really good one, and we were gonna do John Stewart, you know, and I think what’s fun about it as we were just go and do it do it like the comic but do it slight spin on it, but still try to be really be respectful to the core of these characters, but still have fun.

GV - That was a personal goal is that we kind of wanted to roll out a new Earth GL every 13 episodes. So, like, John Stewart was up next and Kyle probably would’ve come in the back thirteen or something. And at that time there was no Simon Baz. Maybe if we would’ve had an additional season we could have…..

The transcript of the second half of Blog of Oa’s podcast with GLTAS producers Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg. Here they talk about where GLTAS would have gone had the show been greenlit for a second season.

Again, a huge thank you to Myron for taking the time to type up a transcript.

GV -  Yeah and in the same token I was glad that Jim would bring stuff that was just a personal passion of his that we could combine with kind of comic book canon so that this show didn’t just feel like a reiteration of everything you could easily just read in the books.  So somehow that combination of those two like really, really gave you this thing its own legs.  I guess you know!  

JK - Here’s a joke that I never got to do. positive. It’s a Green Lantern canon joke - I wanted to come in on the interceptor in mid-conversation with Kilowog and Hal where you got the feeling that they’ve been having this chat and Kilowog is confused and it’s like

(doing his best Kilowog impersonation), “So I don’t think this thing is translating right, what it’s telling me is a bow and arrow is like a stick with a string on it.”  
And Hal says (doing his best Hal impersonation), “Yeah, yeah, but he was the BEST bow and arrow guy on the Earth!” 
(As Kilowog) “And he could fly, into space?” 
(As Hal) “No, no he would die if that happened.” 
(As Kilowog) “But he was your partner, was he really strong?”
(As Hal) “Well he stayed in shape, but no, not really.”
(As Kilowog) “I don’t get it!”

Many many thanks to Myron over at Blog of Oa for taking the extra time and effort to create a transcript of that podcast! Part 2 is coming tomorrow.

Since I can't listen to the podcast due to hearing loss, can you tell me about the big points covered in it? (If anyone does a transcript of it, or links me to one, can have my firstborn and undying love okay.)

I know you said to ignore this ask in a follow-up, but it’s a good question!

The Outhousers link does have a summary that hits the high points, but that’s not the same as a full transcript. I just asked over at Blog of Oa, and they are working on creating a full transcript of the podcast, it’s just taking a little while! I’ll post a link to it as soon as it’s ready.

In the meantime — Fanterns, be sure to check out Blog of Oa (your source for Green Lantern news, both animated and not), and if it’s suitable for you, listen to the Podcast of Oa #64.


The Outhousers (curators of Has DC Done Something Stupid Today .com) put up a brief summary and commentary on Blog of Oa’s podcast from earlier this week with GLTAS creators Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg.

Reminder if you missed the latest Blog of Oa podcast with Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg, be sure to check it out or read the Outhouser’s summary. It is a delight. Enjoy listening to our the GLTAS Producers discussing the potential season 2 storylines and cut ideas among other GLTAS info.

The Outhousers (curators of Has DC Done Something Stupid Today .com) put up a brief summary and commentary on Blog of Oa’s podcast from earlier this week with GLTAS creators Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg.


Myron comments that if the show were still airing we’d be at the end of the second season 




FANTERN PODCAST EP 4 (Part 2 of 4)


Before I tackle podcast audio from this Sunday.

Here is another older episode that was recorded right after the Sinestro Podcast, and this time backtracking to our thoughts about EP 117 Blue Hope

This podcast, considering what happened in Loss and Cold Fury, ended up being eerily prophetic.

Thoughts include gushing about
Blue Hope Visuals,
Tidbits, Razaya stuff and the big kahuna topic of GLTAS this half of the season: ROBOT SENTIENCE

Give us a listen if you want right here!

Old Fantern Fancast Episode Ep 4 part 1 of 4


I recorded tons of audio today thanks to Fanterns who stopped by and shared their thoughts and feels.

Before I upload and prepare my body for editing that, here is pt 1 of Ep 4 of Fantern Fancast starting back when Prisoner of Sinestro premiered!

Feel free to give it a listen!

The podcasts by some fabulous Fantern ladies are back!

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Hi guys, a lot of people are freaking out and crying over the recent announcement of GLTAS and YJ not being renewed/canceled after their seasons have run.

We are here for you, and in this short emergency broadcast we let you know that

  1. you’re not alone,
  2. don’t panic or make yourself upset in a destructive way as a fan
  3. and we can show you some of the ACTUAL LEGIT SPECIFIC ways you can let Cartoon Network know your presence as viewers known and what you want.

The staff of the show have all our support.

Please give it a listen! If you have any questions. Send me, J, Sarah or GLTAS tumblr mod Elfgrove an ask.

Again the links to CN/DC Nation pages are:

Signal Boost.





STEP 1:  purchase a body pillow


STEP 2:  Find appropriate covering.



STEP 3:  Personalize!


And you’re finished!  Now step back and admire your work.

(I listened to episode 3 of the gltas fangirl fancast and then…)



I am about halfway through the fancast. Ladies, you are darling. Thoughts after I finish.


  1. This is adorable.
  2. Alternative Option 1: commission a custom body pillow of any character you wish.
  3. Alternative Option 2: draw your own art, have it printed on fabric here, and make your own body pillow pillowcase.


You ladies are so precious. Also, I want to see more GLTAS Alien Husbando body pillows now.


How did you know he wears plaid under his armor?

Jim Krieg, you are also adorable.