Just a brief shout out to the greenlantern-tas followers.

This GLTAS fan tumblr started on 4/11/2012 with 0 followers. I started it because the GLTAS presence on Tumblr was small and it had no account dedicated just to celebrating this particular show.

Three months later, it’s 7/13/2012 — The tags I track get multiple new posts about the show every day, I’m going to head downtown to SDCC on Saturday to see if I can nab some GLTAS swag to do another give-away, this tumblr has gained a wonderful co-mod (who can add to this post if they want to argue with that ;) ), the account boasts 600+ posts, and we currently have 296 followers who have been nothing if not friendly and positive about the show and the fandom.

This fandom is a joy. Thank you, Fanterns.

— EG